Weather station kit


Observe and record the weather with your own multi-functional weather station. This kit features a wind vane and anemometer, as well as a thermometer and a rain gauge. It also allows you to create a terrarium in a bottle. A detailed instruction manual is included to assist with assembly.


  • Kit allows you to create your own multi-functional weather station
  • Comes with a wind vane, thermometer, rain gauge, anenometer and thermometer; also lets you build your own terrarium
  • Includes detailed instruction manual that helps with assembly and serves as a learning aid with info for a lesson plan
  • Requires 0.5 or 1 liter soda bottle with screw thread and small crosshead screwdriver for use (not included


Windsnelheidsmeter, vervaardigd van stevige kunststof, voorzien van een handvat met schroefdraad voor eventuele plaatsing op een statief. Een transparante afdek kap voor bescherming van het schoepenrad tijdens transport wordt meegeleverd.
Meetbereik 1: 0 ... 120 km/h
Meetbereik 2: 0 ... 12 Beaufort
Afmetingen: Ø 90mm, hoogte 200mm

Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter

An accurate, tough, and affordable wind meter that requires no setup; just hold it up to measure wind speed whenever and wherever needed. It can track maximum and average wind speeds along with current readings and allows you to choose the measurement units that suit your application. Comes with slip-on case and lanyard. Units: Knots, mps, kph, mph, ft/min, and Beaufort. Accuracy: ±3%. Minimum Speed: 0.3 mps. Maximum Speed: 40 mps

Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Tracker

The next generation of weather monitoring. Now, you can measure every major environmental condition easily and accurately, right in the palm of your hand. The chart mode allows users to recall and graph up to 250 measurements, along with date and time of storage. Barometric pressure, altitude, density altitude, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind chill, dew point, wet bulb, and heat index - all in one pocket-size instrument. Waterproof and buoyant. Comes with a slip-on case and lanyard. Uses 2 AA batteries(included)


Voor registratie van neerslag. Het toestel bestaat uit een kunststof maatcilinder met opvangtrechter en metalen voet. Geschikt voor losse opstelling en wandmontage.
-Registratie: 0...25mm regen
-Totale hoogte: 260mm

Regenmeter met houder

-Schaal: 0-35mm neerslag
-Hoogte: 25mm
-Kunststof uitvoering

Digitale radiografische regenmeter

Voor de draadloze overdracht van de regenhoeveelheid (tot 9999 mm) en buitentemperatuur (max. 30 m reikwijdte in het vrije veld).
  • Indicatie van de neerslag in het laatste uur, laatste 24 uur en totaal (sinds de laatste reset) met vermelding van tijd en datum van opslaan
  • Indicatie van de regenhoeveelheid in balkendiagram, de afgelopen 7 dagen, weken of maanden kunnen na elkaar worden weergegeven
  • Akoestisch en optisch alarm bij begin van regen
  • Max/min-functie voor binnen- en buitentemperatuur
  • Programmeerbaar temperatuuralarm voor binnen en buiten
  • Trendpijl voor buitentemperatuur
  • Zichzelfledigend regenreservoir
  • Ontvanger kan worden opgehangen of neergezet
Technische gegevens:
Meetbereik  Regenhoeveelheid  0 tot 9999 mm 
  Temperatuur buiten  -50 tot +70 °C 
  Temperatuur binnen  -10 tot +50 °C 
Afmetingen  Ontvangsteenheid  B 94 x D 25 x H 122 mm 
  Zendeenheid  Ø 132 x H 160 mm 
Voedingsspanning  Ontvangsteenheid  3 batterijen 1,5 V 
  Zendeenheid  2 batterijen 1,5 V 
Levering incl. regenreservoir (zendeenheid) en batterijen.

Hanna water Backpack Lab

Hanna Instruments

Hanna Instruments introduces the first product in the Backpack Lab series. The Water Quality Education Test Kit provides a complete unit to introduce students to the importance of water quality in our streams, lakes and rivers. The components are tied together by an extensive Teacher's Guide, with classroom activities designed to introduce students to each parameter and detailed field-testing procedures.

Ph/temp. meter, 110 tests each for acidity & Alkalinity, 100 tests for Carbon Dioxide, Dissolved Oxygen, Hardness, Nitrate & Phosphate and much more. For more info see the Hanna website.


Hanna Soil Backpack Lab

Specifically designed for use by educators and environmental science students, this test kit provides a complete unit of chemical tests for soil quality and fertility, then relate these measurements to the principles of plant metabolism. Real-world examples help students understand the relevance of macronutrients and other parameters to everyday life. Kit includes:Nitrogen Test Kit (50 tests), Phosphorus Test Kit (50 tests), Potassium Test Kit (50 tests), pH Test Kit (50 tests), Waterproof pH/Temperature Meter, Waterproof Conductivity/TDS Meter, Digital Thermometer, Glossary of Key Terms, Laminated Laboratory Instruction Cards, Teacher's Manual, Backpack-Style Carrying Case.

Milieu-combinatietestkit HI 3814


Met de zes meest gebruikelijke testen voor de controle van zuurgehalte, alkaliteit, pH-waarde, kooldioxide, hardheid en opgelost zuurstof in water.

Inhoud: gebruiksklare oplossingen voor telkens 110 testen bij monsters van 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml en 50 ml en een pH-meetinstrument. Draagkoffer L 430 x B 300 x H 80 mm. Totaal gewicht ca. 2700 g.


Alkaliteit 0 tot 100 mg/l CaCO3
0 tot 300 mg/l CaCO3
Zuurgehalte 0 tot 100 mg/l CaCO3
0 tot 500 mg/l CaCO3
Kooldioxide 0 tot 10 mg/l CO2
0 tot 50 mg/l CO2
0 tot 100 mg/l CO2
Opgelost zuurstof 0 tot 10 mg/l O2
Hardheid 0 tot 30 mg/l CaCO3
0 tot 300 mg/l CaCO3
pH-waarde 0 tot 14


Watertestkit HI 3817


Voor het controleren van de alkaliteit, hardheid, chloride-, sulfiet- en ijzergehalte en de pH-waarde in water.

Inhoud: gebruiksklare oplossingen voor telkens 110 testen bij monsters van 5 ml, 15 ml en 50 ml en een pH-meetinstrument. Draagkoffer L 430 x B 300 x H 80 mm. Totaal gewicht ca. 2700 g.


Alkaliteit 0 tot 100 mg/l CaCO3
0 tot 300 mg/l CaCO3
Chloride 0 tot 100 mg/l Cl-
0 tot 1000 mg/l Cl-
Hardheid 0 tot 30 mg/l CaCO3
0 tot 300 mg/l CaCO3
Sulfiet 0 tot 20 mg/l Na2SO3
0 tot 200 mg/l Na2SO3
IJzer 0 tot 5 mg/l ijzer
pH-waarde 0 tot 14

Hach Just Add Water Kit

Each kit is a complete science lesson and includes a curriculum on a 3 1/2″ disk, test strips, and simulated pollutant packets to create positive controls. Enough materials for 50 tests of each factor are included in all of the kits. The Drinking Water Kit tests for pH, hardness, copper, and chlorine; the Ponds and Streams kit tests alkalinity, phosphates, pH, and nitrates; and the Wastewater kit tests chlorine, phosphates, and nitrates.

Soil Nutrients and Fertilizers

Nitrogen is one of the essential plant nutrients found in soil. Measure the amount of nitrogen in several different soils. Then examine the role of nitrogen in plant growth and consider how excess nutrients affect an ecosystem. This kit addresses the following concepts:
• The chemical and physical characteristics of soil
• How water as a solvent carries dissolved materials through soil to the water system
• How environmental health is dependent on soil and water quality

Soil Test Kit, Rapitest®


Soil testing in 3 easy steps. Just mix soil with water, pour liquid into comparator, and add contents of capsule to instantly compare color for test reading. Test Kit contains materials for 40 tests: 10 tests each for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. Instructions included.


Winogradsky Column Set

A simple means of encouraging and demonstrating the growth of soil microbes such as protozoa, fungi, bacteria, and algae. Interrelationships of these microbes can be observed over a 6-week period. Soil sample must be field collected. The apparatus can be reused. Includes plastic column, solid rubber stopper, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and instructions. 

Easycult Combi Dipslides


Instructies bijgesloten, verpakt per 10 dipslides. Voor eenvoudige hygiënecontrole.
D.m.v. kontaktonderzoek, bestrijken of dompelen.


Wastewater Treatment Kit

Experience the physical, chemical, and biological processes of a wastewater treatment plant without ever leaving the classroom. Using a non-hazardous organic solution to simulate sewage, students observe changes through the aeration, bioremediation, and filtration stages-without the odor. Students are actively engaged during the simulation by recording and graphing the decomposition of organic material over time. This easy-to-assemble unit is battery powered, making it completely portable. Everything is included to accurately replicate the workings of a real wastewater treatment plant.

Pro-Tect Swab & Check, 100 stuks

Om op eenvoudige wijze oppervlakken die met voedsel in aanraking komen te monitoren op hygiëne. Het laat met tien minuten middels kleurverandering in de swab zien of er effectief is schoongemaakt.

Biology and Chemistry of Soil

With this lab, students use ordinary soil samples and simple lab techniques and staining procedures to conduct a thorough evaluation of the soil. They identify micro-organisms, calculate soil fertility, determine soil pH; and correlate the soil’s pH value to soil lime requirements.
Includes: 12 LAB-AIDS® Chemplates®; 50 plastic containers; 50 plastic slides; 12 calibrated tubes; 4 drop controlled btls phenolic rose bengal; 3 drop controlled btls barium chloride; 2 drop controlled btls pH soil indicator; 1 drop controlled btl potassium dichromate; 50 student worksheets and guides; 1 instruction manual

Indicatorpapier, Zwembad teststrips

Fabrikaat Macherey-Nagel. Swimmingpool test. Voor de semi-kwantitatieve bepaling van vrij chloor, alkaliteit en pH-waarde in zwembadwater. Teststrips 6x95 mm. Per 50 strips verpakt in aluminium koker.

Indicatorpapier Olietest

Olietestpapier. Fabrikaat Macherey-Nagel. Speciaal indicatorpapierstrips 20x70 mm voor de kwalitatieve bepaling van olie in water en/of grond. Per 100 strips verpakt in een kunststof doosje.


Voor meting van de actuele windsterkte met maximum en gemiddelde waarden, temperatuur en gevoelstemperatuur (windchill). Windsnelheidsmeting in m/s, km/h, mph of kn. Windsterkte- indicatie volgens Beaufort op histogram- windschaal (0 tot 12 bft).
LCD- achtergrondverlichting.
Levering incl. neopreentas, draagkoord en knopbatterij CR2032.
Technische gegevens:
Meetbereik / resolutie  0,2 tot 30,0 m/s
- 30,0 tot +60,0 °C 
Nauwkeurigheid  ±5 %
±1 °C 

Maximum-minimum thermometer

Meetbereik: - 30 tot +50 °C. Verdeling 1 °C. Met kwikloze thermometervloeistof (rode speciale vulling). Kunststof behuizing. Metalen merker geeft de Max/Min- temperaturen aan; met drukknop voor het resetten. Afmetingen B 79 x H 230 mm. Met ophangoog.

Weatherglass with Wall Plaque

Accurately forecast weather changes 4 to 12 hours in advance with this 17th century replica barometer. An elegant Georgian style wooden wall plaque handsomely offsets a hand-blown weatherglass, which indicates the weather conditions by the rise and fall of the water level in the glass’s curved spout.

A solid hand turned brass hook and hand crafted brass drop catcher with explanatory legend in four languages completes this beautiful and functional wall accessory. Simply fill the weatherglass with water or alcohol, mount the decorative plaque, and immediately enjoy the modern benefits of ancient weather forecasting.

Hygrometer en Thermometer groot model

Voor het meten van de relatieve vochtigheid. Decoratief groot model (diam. 10 cm) met ingebouwde thermometer.

Soil pH and Moisture Tester, Kelway HB-2

The Kelway HB-2 tester lets you make instant on-the-spot tests for soil pH and soil moisture content. Easy to use. Simply insert base of instrument into the soil, hold button down, and read moisture content on lower scale; release button and read pH on upper scale. The tester is easily carried on the belt, and does not require a power source. A rugged, reliable instrument. Instructions and carrying case included.

Hanna HI98331 Soil test meter


The HI 98331 Soil Test is a special pocket tester designed to directly measure soil conductivity and temperature. With an incorporated sensor in the penetration probe, readings are automatically temperature compensated. Conductivity range can be calibrated at one point and is designed to be calibrated in liquid.

  • 122 mm (4.5”) Penetration probe;
  • Automatic temperature compensation;
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Accuracy       :     
    • Conductivity: ±0.05 mS/cm (0.00 to 2.00 mS/cm), ±0.30 mS/cm (2.00 to 4.00 mS/cm);
    • Temperature: ±1°C.
  • Battery Type  : 4 x 1.5V;
  • Calibration      : Manual 1 point;
  • Compensation: Automatic, Temperature coefficient (?) fixed @ 2%/°C;
  • Dimensions    : 163 x 40 x 26 mm (6.4 x 1.6 x 1.0 inch);
  • Environment   : 0 to 50°C;
  • Probe             : HI 73331 122 mm (4.5 inch) penetration;
  • Range            : Conductivity: 0.00 to 4.00 mS/cm (dS/m); Temperature: 0.0 to 50.0°C;
  • Resolution      : Conductivity: 0.01 mS/cm; Temperature: 0.1°C;

LaMotte Plant Macronutrient Kit

An excellent tool to illustrate the relationship between soil nutrients and plant health. Perform colorimetric tests for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) by preparing liquid extracts from plant tissue. Kit provides enough reagents and labware for 50 tests per test factor. Includes the LaMotte® Soil Handbook and complete instructions.

LaMotte Air Pollution Sampling Pump

Battery powered, completely portable. Capable of monitoring atmospheric air pollution to check 8-hr exposure limits for workers in industry. Driven by 4 standard D-cell batteries, this unit is capable of maintaining flow rates for 48 hr of continuous sampling before batteries need replacing. Intermittent sampling periods extend the range of usage considerably. Complete with flow meter, impinger holder, batteries, connection tubing, and carrying case.

LaMotte Air Pollution Test Kit

Test for ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Testing methods follow procedures of the EPA which recommends collection of the gas in a special absorbing solution and subsequent chemical analysis. Kit is suitable for testing either field levels or levels in confined areas. Packaged in a durable, waterproof carrying case and supplied with a manual. A precision pump is an essential part of an air pollution detection program. Quantitative test results require that accurately measured volumes of air be pumped through the collection chamber at prescribed rates of flow. Note: Kit does not include air pump; order LaMotte® Air Pollution Sampling Pump separately

Zikua Ozone Test Card Reader

This handheld optical reader provides instant, accurate ozone readings using EcoBadge TestCards. To determine the ozone level, simply expose a TestCard to the air for one hour and then insert it into the TestCard reader. The ozone reading is then displayed in ppb (parts per billion). Additional data with successive readings can be recorded and then uploaded into a computer. Pack of 10 EcoBadge TestCards included, and instructions. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Airborne Particulates Examination Kit


Includes 50 adhesive dust particle collectors with peel-off backing. The collectors are placed in desired locations, then collected and examined with a magnifier or microscope.

The dust particle collector has 3 zones to facilitate examination with ground, transparent background, and grid of 1-mm squares.

Datahub: Environmental Science

Easy Field Experimentation with GPS and Google Maps Functionality
Engage with the world around you with this powerful and compact unit that enables easy wireless field experimentation and Google Maps location-based functionality. With this complete system, you can measure and analyze data models for a variety of standards-based topics including temperature and light over time and location, acid rain, turbidity, water quality, temperature and relative humidity in urban vs. rural areas, altitude and air pressure, heat absorption and cloud-warming effects, and much more. Icon-based design and large graphical LCD screen make this system easy to understand and use. Unit has a 128k sample memory and 24k/sec sampling rate, 12-bit sampling resolution, and long-lasting 150 hour battery life. Includes Ward's DataHub Software, AC/DC Adapter, Quick Start Guide, and USB cable. Accessories included with this unit include the External Temperature Probe, Colorimeter/Turbidity Cuvettes, plastic rod, stand and screw, and pH Electrode. Compatible with PC/Mac and iPad. Thirteen built-in sensors include: UV, pH, Sound Level, Barometer, IR Temperature, Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity, GPS, External Temperature, Temperature, Turbidity, Colorimeter, and Universal Sensor Input, plus optional Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, available separately.

UV Intensity Meter and Lens Tester

Measure the intensity of the sun's ultraviolet rays quickly and easily with this convenient card. Expose the card's UV light-sensitive strip to sunlight for 20 seconds and watch it change color to indicate low, moderate, or high intensity. The card also shows the recommended sunscreen SPF value based on the reading. A separate lens tester lets you test the UVA/UVB protection of sunglasses. Reusable

Koolstofdioxide meetinstrument Air CO2ntrol 3000


Voor de bewaking van de CO2-concentratie in gebouwen bijv. scholen, universiteiten en openbare inrichtingen.

  • Behuizing van ABS kunststof.
  • Geïntegreerde 24-h-datalogger met READ-functie (meetwaarden oproepbaar via display) en vast ingestelde 30 min opslagfrequentie
  • Akoestische alarm bij overschrijden van een vrij instelbare CO2-waarde
  • Batterij- of netbedrijf (batterij levensduur ca. 48 bedrijfsuren)

Technische gegevens:

Koolstofdioxide Temperatuur
Meetbereik 0 tot 3000 ppm 0 tot +50,0 °C
Resolutie 1 ppm (0 tot 1000 ppm)
5 ppm (1001 tot 2000 ppm)
10 ppm (2001 tot 3000 ppm)
0,1 °C
Nauwkeurigheid ±50 ppm of 5 %
(de grootste waarde geldt)
±1 °C of ±1 %
(de grootste waarde geldt)
Afmetingen (L x B x D) 165 x 80 x 23 mm
Gewicht 600 g
Netaansluiting 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Levering incl. adapter en 4 batterijen Mignon 1,5 V.