Let op de levertijd van de artikelen op deze pagina, de meeste kits zijn nieuw en worden bij de fabrikant besteld.

Clean Water Science Kit

Learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water by conducting interesting experiments. You will be able to build your own water filtration and desalination plant at your table top, disinfect water with solar power, and more! This kit contains great experiments that teach children and teachers alike the importance of cleaning and reusing water. Great for classroom activities or science projects.


  • Kit allows you to conduct experiments on water purification (e.g. disinfect water with solar power, build a desalination plant, and more)
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual and fun facts

DataHub: General Science

Includes Thirteen Sensors for all Major Sciences
With this complete system, you can measure and analyze data models for a variety of standards-based topics including traveling speed with GPS, Newton’s Laws, sound waves, electrical currents, pH titration, endotermic and exotermic reactions, Boyle’s Law, specific heat, and microclimate. Unit has a 128k sample memory and 24k/sec sampling rate, 12-bit sampling resolution, and long-lasting 150 hour battery life. Includes Ward's DataHub Software, AC/DC adapter, Quick Start Guide, and USB cable. Accessories included with this unit include banana cables, External Temperature Probe, Air Pressure Extension Tube, pH Electrode, and plastic rod, stand, and screw. Compatible with PC/Mac and iPad. Thirteen built-in sensors include: Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Current, Distance, External Temperature, GPS, Light, Microphone, pH, Relative Humidity, Sound Level, Voltage, and Universal Sensor Input

Fascinating Oscillating Reaction Kit

Make a solution and watch it change from colorless, to amber, to blue, and then back to colorless. Amazingly, the cycle repeats itself again and again! Perform experiments to learn how the reaction works and the chemistry behind the Briggs-Rausher oscillating reaction. No sulfuric acid is required. Materials needed but not included are 3% hydrogen peroxide and water. This kit is for 3 demonstrations

Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit

Learn about chemiluminescence, how fireflies light up and the real quantum leap with this neat chemistry kit. Make a cool blue light appear in the dark! Make a 'dirty penny' glow, and more! Contains: luminol mixture, perborate mixture, copper sulfate, cups, empty vial, pipet, scoops, spoon, stirrers, rack, and instructions.

Elements of Science Kit

100 experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics
Investigate the most important phenomena in biology, chemistry, and physics by conducting more than 100 fun experiments. A broad, yet elaborate introduction to the physical and natural sciences, this kit is intended to expose children to the full spectrum of science and show first-hand how these three core disciplines interrelate. The full-color, 112-page book guides your experiments and discoveries.

After Dinner Science Kit

Stretch a banana, perform the straw through a potato trick, uncover how much iron is in the breakfast cereal and much more. Become an after-dinner magician! Perform science experiments with bottles, soda cans, potatoes, toothpicks, straws, eggs…even the kitchen sink!

Dinner is over and what seems like a mess is a gold mine of science fun! Become the center of attention as you stretch bananas, magnetize silverware, and float cans of soda. Use milk to create an eruption of color while eggs are flying only to land safely in a glass of water. Your after-dinner mess becomes a post-meal performance with more than 20 amazing activities.

Newton's Antics

Explore the science of force and motion as you amaze your friends with more than a dozen science tricks that will have them saying, how did you do that? The secret science behind each activity rests on the discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton. This guy would have been a blast of any party! Make it nut fall into a bottle, balance six nails on the head of one male, learn about rattlebacks and how they work and much more.

Kit includes: balloons, yellow ring, hex nuts, plastic bottle, washers, ball bearings and marbles, chenille stem, popsicle stick, salt, nails, block of wood, torque machine, rattleback, printed cards, instructions and storage back.

Mystical Tree

Plant your own chemical tree garden and see complete results in only 6 hours. The process is easy: Place the paper cutout in the tray of colorless, crystal solution and watch colorful leaves appear on the branches. It's a dramatic example of chemical change.