Polymeren en Slime

Jelly Things

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 create your own flavored jelly and instant pudding using polymer chemistry

Cool Slime

Everyone loves a good batch of slime. Just mix the two liquids together and you've got perfect slime, every time! Learn about polymers and how they hook together to make an oozey, slimy concoction. The Cool Slime kit makes four ounces of slime and comes with instructions and an activity guide.

Glowing Gel Experiment Kit

Do the eco-foam fizzle! Make a slimey ooze. Learn about the chemistry behind gels, polymers, states of matter and phosphorescence with this neat chemistry kit. Make a strange and goofy substance that flows, stretches, breaks and bounces! Make the goofy gel glow-in-the-dark! Contains: borax solution, glow powder, guar gum, white glue, cups, spoons, stirrers, baggies, eco-foam and instructions.

Rubber Flubber Experiment Kit

Make rubber balls, foam rubber, erasers, rubber stamps, water proof cloth and rubber dinosaurs. Learn about the chemistry behind this amazing natural substance, the rubber. Contains: rubber latex, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, pH paper, dino mold, cups, spoons, baggies, stirrers and instructions. Non-toxic and safe when used as directed.

Water Gel Mini Kit


Water Gel is an amazing powder that seemingly turns water into a solid right before your eyes! Discover the secret behind baby diapers and why they are super absorbent. A great activity for science projects, or fun with your friends and family!

Amaze your friends with water’s finest disappearing act. A small scoop of the non-toxic powder will instantly grab onto 500 times its own weight in water! It’s like a super, water-soaking sponge. Learn about the secret ingredient in baby diapers that make them super-absorbent. Use the included science experiments to amaze and entertain.

Water gel powder.
Blue scoop.
Activity guide.