Fizzing bath ball kit



Explore the magic of acid/base chemistry and test the ph of household solutions as you brew up a fizzing bath ball or relaxing bath salts that will turn your tub into a spa vacation.

Perfume Science Kit


Follow your nose on a fragrant journey through the science, history and art of making perfumes. Experiment with countless fragrance combinations on your way to becoming a master perfumer. Learn how your nose and olfactory system work with your brain to sense and recognize smells.
• Setting Up Your Perfume Laboratory
• The Physiology of Smell
• Smell Memory & Taste Test Games
• The History of Perfumes
• Extracting Fragrances from Plants
• Where Do Fragrances Come From?
• Perfume’s Head, Heart & Base Notes
• Training Your Nose
• Learning to Work as a Perfumer
• Composing Perfumes from Formulas
• Designing Your Own Perfumes
• Fun Facts about Perfumes
• Special Crafts for Your Perfumes


Voor vloeistoffen. Uit filterkarton 240 g/m2. Afmetingen B 6 x L 135 mm in blokken van 60 stroken.

Aluinsteen 150 gram, 1 stuks


Lippenbalsem tube