Owl Puke Book

  • Beschrijving

Jane Hammerslough

Bring a fun, humorous element to your students’ ecology studies with this creative book and hands-on activity. An owl pellet, after all, is basically owl puke - a football-shaped object regurgitated twice a day by owls, which contains the skeleton of at least one owl meal, be it a mouse, vole, shrew, or small bird. The book explains the food chain, animal anatomy, and life in the forest for a bird that could read the bottom line of an eye chart from one mile away. Students will discover the unique characteristics of this fierce hunting bird that swallows its prey head first and digests everything but the bones and fur or hair, which it spits back up in a pellet. Along with the book, a professionally collected, heat-sterilized owl pellet is included, providing an interactive experiment for your students. All they need is a toothpick, an open mind, the Owl Puke book, and accompanying owl pellet for a memorable lesson. Also includes a tray to hold the bones and a chart to help identify the pellet’s contents.