Microscopie, Bacteriologie

Microbial ecology of foods, volume 1

Volume 1, factors affecting life and death of microorganisms

A Colour Atlas of Histology, Gartner & Hiatt

A magnificant book containing a large number of superb colour photomicrographs and line drawings of human tissues. 444 pages. With CD-Rom

Adventures with a Microscope, Headstrom

A guide book to 59 experiments using any simple microscope. An excellent for the young scientist (of any age!). 

Animals of the Surface Film, Guthrie

The definitive book listing and illustrating the myriad of life forms that inhabit the surface film of fresh water habitats.

Animals on sandy shores, Hayward


Again a beautifully illustrated book, all the investigator needs to make novel discoveries about plants and animals on the shoreline

Animals under Logs & Stones, Wheater & Read

A beautifully illustrated book and a must for the natural history beginner. There are excellent user friendly identification keys to the many forms of easily accessible life forms in these types of habitat.

Ants, Skinner & Allen

A comprehensive book detailing the life forms of the many species of ant including their microscopic classification. Very well illustrated

Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology

John G. Holt, PhD. 2000 (9th ed). 816 pages. Based on the data contained in the 4-volume Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology, this reference volume also includes new genera and species, new combinations, and new taxa published through the January 1992 issue of the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology. Readers will find short general descriptions that encompass all organisms by groups, shape and size, Gram reaction, other pertinent morphological features, motility and flagella, relations to oxygen, basic type of metabolism, carbon and energy sources, habitat, and ecology. Includes discussions of difficulties in identification, keys or tables to genera and species, genus descriptions, synonyms, other nomenclatural changes, and numerous illustrations. Soft cover. 

Bergey's manual of Systematic Bacteriology, Vol 1 t/m 4

Eerste editie, 1986
Vier delen, vrijwel in nieuwstaat

Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative works in the field of bacterial taxonomy.

Biological Microtechnique, Sanderson

We are delighted to see this fine publication back in print. An easy to read practical guide providing readers with all the knowledge they require to prepare better and more informative slides. Many pictures and diagrams. 

Contrast Techniques in Light Microscopy

An excellent book covering a wide range of microscopy techniques and systems designed to enhance specimen detail, for example phase contrast.

De macht van het minuscule

Dirk Draulans, paperback, 288 pagina's
De verborgen wereld van schimmels, gisten en bacterien

Insects on Nettles, Davies

A superb book for the insect enthusiast, specialising in the nettle habitat - an ideal book for the stereomicroscopist. Recommeded for its illustrations

Introduction to Light Microscopy, Bradbury

By Bradbury & Bracegirdle. 123 pages. A fine publication covering all aspects of the theory and practical use of compound and stereomicroscopes. Recommended 

Microscopic Life in Sphagnum, Hingley

A well written book dealing with sphagnum moss and the life forms that it contains.

Microscopic Monsters

An amusing cartoon illustrated book full of microscopy facts aimed to get the junior scientist itching to get their hands on a microscope

Microscopy as a hobby

Mol Smith
Finally, an amateur microscopy book up-to-date with our modern world to introduce children, teenagers, and adults to a fantastic hobby and pastime. Learn how to buy a microscope, how to use it, what to look at, how to photograph & video what you find. The author founded one of the most established Hobby Microscopy sites on the web. Here is a book which exceeds the vision of other microscopy books for newbies and young people. Clear practical guide to everything you need to get started at any age. And if you are a teenager or older person wanting to get started, a whole section (half the book) brings the hobby into the digital age. The cobwebs covering older microscopy books are swept away as this book barges through and connects the pastime and pursuit of amateur microscopy in the past to the digital age of today. Learn how to make professional looking microscopy videos or take huge image photographs using budget microscopes and limited resources. Make stunning 3D images of microscopic creatures and plants or macro 3D images of insects. Not only a practical guide to the hobby today but an inspirational guide to help new people taking up the hobby use new techniques, materials, and safe methods to make their own slides and share their discoveries with others across the worldwide web

Microscopy of Textile Fibres, Greaves & Saville

A specialist well written book dealing with the microscopic examination of textile fibres

Mikroskopie in forschung und praxis

Horst Robenek, 1995

Modern Photomicrography, Bracegirdle & Bradbury

An introduction to the theory and practice of producing high quality photomicrographs

Pollen Identification for Beekeepers

Written by Rex Sawyer, this is an excellent guide to the features of British pollen and comes complete with a CD rom which contains a superb identification key. Highly recommended.

Pollen, its collection and Preparation for the Microscope

Deals with the techniques for the preparation of pollen for microscopical examination. 

Practical Microscopy, J E Marson

72 pages. A first rate guide for the novice and experienced microscopist alike. The book concentrates in chapter form on the preparation of specimens for microscopy 

Solitary wasps, Hopkins

Solitary wasps fascinate naturalists because they are diverse, often colourful and lively creatures to watch. As well as covering the latest arrivals to Britain, the keys include the species apparently extinct in Britain - to help continental users of the book.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope

This is the book that we wish we had written. It is simply excellent. Imported from the US this book takes you through the process of making slide preparations with a high power microscope in an easy to understand format. Excellent illustrations and instructions. A must for all of those who want to make their own slide preparations. Highly recommended