Rotiphorese Unit PROfessional runVIEW


Gel size (w x l): 15 x 15 cm

Dimensions gel unit (w x l x h): 26.5 x 17.5 x 9 cm

Number of samples: max. 210 samples (using 6 comb slots)

Buffer volume: 500 ml

  • All-in-one system for real-time electrophoresis: unit, power supply and illuminator combined
  • Watch your bands migrate through the gel in blue light - without mutagen or retina damaging effects
  • Recommended for use with Roti®-Load DNAStain (green), compatible with ethidium bromide (red) and SYBR® Green (green)
  • First choice for rapid gel analysis, gel elution and all control gels
  • The unit Rotiphorese® PROfessional III (Art. No. 2850.1) may be customised by the runView Base station (Art. No. 4850.1)

Innovative, new all-in-one system for electrophoresis - with integrated Power Supply and illuminator. Stained DNA is made visible during the run by excitation with blue light of 470 nm wave length and a special lid with integrated emission filter for green fluorescence. Another special lid with an intergrated ethidium bromide filter is available as accessory (Art. No 8549.1). DNA stained during the run by Roti®-Load DNAStain (green), ethidium bromide (red), or SYBR® Green (green), can be watched in real-time without having damaging effects caused by short wave lengths.

Delivery incl. Rotiphorese® PROfessional runVIEW Base (base station with integrated blue light and power supply), horizontal gel unit Rotiphorese® PROfessional III, special lid for blue light with integrated spectral emission filter (green filter) and electrophoresis power leads (4 mm plugs), 1 UV-transparent gel casting tray (15 x 15 cm) with gel casting gates, and eight double sided combs: 2x 4-sample / 16-sample (1 mm); 4x 20- / 28-sample (1 mm, multichannel compatible); 1x 4- / 16-sample (3 mm); 1x 20- / 28-sample (3 mm, multichannel compatible).

MINIeasy Electrophoresis Unit

Gel size (w x l): 8 x 10 cm
Number of samples: max. 32 samples (using 2 comb slots)
Buffer volume: 50 ml
  • Complete gel chamber for speedy analysis
  • The entire chamber can be placed on a UV- transilluminator
  • Low buffer quantity needed
Delivery includes: horizontal gel chamber, safety lid with integral power leads, two gel casting gates and two combs (1.5 mm; 8 teeth).