Thermal cycler Prime


Compact, easy-to-handle thermal cyclers for each work bench.
Made by TECHNE.

  • Licensed for PCR
  • New, upgraded generation
  • Fast heating and cooling rates
  • High temperature homogeneity
  • Simple, intuitive programming
  • 3,5´´ colour touch screen
  • USB port
  • Cost-efficient
  • 4 years warranty on cyclers and blocks

New generation of reliable, inexpensive thermal cyclers specially developed for use on the individual bench, for student's courses and schools.

In order to enable very rapid heating and cooling rates at extremely low temperature variations in the block, an advanced block algorithm has been implemented, regulating the modern Peltier technology. The mono-tube blocks were specially designed to provide optimal contact between the PCR-vials and the block bore hole and are cut, with the most modern of technologies, out of high-grade material. In most 3PRIME instruments, the heated lid can be adjusted to the height of the PCR-vials, thus optimising the temperature and volume constancy in the sample. Intuitive programming and the newly designed colour touch screen with very easy handling, enable both simple as well as complex cycle protocols to be entered very easily and quickly. All thermal cycler models have 1000 program slots available. With Gradient Thermal Cycler a temperature gradient may be added freely to every temperature step of the program. Further data may be found online in our detailed product instruction manual or by calling one of our staff on the service hotline.

Purchase of this instrument conveys a limited non-transferable immunity from suit for the purchaser's own internal research and development and applied fields other than human in vitro diagnostics under non-real-time thermal cycler patents of Applied Biosystems LLC.

Technical Data:

TypePersonal Cycler 3PRIMEStandard Cycler 3PRIMEXGradient Cycler 3PRIMEG
Sample capacity24 x 0,2 ml or
18 x 0,5 ml
48 x 0,2 ml or
30 x 0,5 ml
48 x 0,2 ml or
30 x 0,5 ml
Block temperature4 - 100 °C
Block uniformity at 55 °Cbelow ±0,3 °C
Temperature accuracy at 55 °Cbelow ±0,2 °C
Max. heating rate3,0 °C/sec
Max. cooling rate2,1 °C/sec
Peltier elements per block244
Selectable lid temperature35 °C - 115 °C (disengageable)
Heated lid pressurenoyes4
Lid adjustable to tubes withflat lidflat and domed lidsflat and domed lids
Tubessingle tubes and strips
PCR platesno48well plates*48well plates*
Max. number of programs1000
Max. number of steps per program10 stages with 10 steps each
Max. repetition of cycles99
"Hold" time1 sec - 4 h/59 min/59 sec
Increment/Decrement functionyes (temperature and time)
Ramp resolution0,1 °C/sec
Gradient temperature range--30 - 80 °C
Max. gradient range--14 °C
Min. gradient range--1 °C
Gradient calculator--yes
Oligonucleotide Tm calculatoryes (Nearest Neighbour method)
Display3,5´´ colour touch screen
Auto-restart functionyes (disengageable)
Data transferUSB port
Password protectionyes
Warranty4 years or 80,000 cycles
Dimensions in cm
(L x W X H)
35 x 21 x 18
Weight (kg)6
Voltage100-230 V, 50-60 Hz
Power (W)155
*Heating block for 48 x 0,2 ml tubes only

Human genetics of taste kit

For a class of 32 students working in pairs. Students investigate the frequency of genetically controlled traits within their classroom population. By exploring taste response traits and recording classroom data, students are able to conduct a Hardy-Weinberg analysis of their classroom. Kit includes multiple types of sample test paper (including paper treated with PTC, sodium benzoate, and thiourea, as well as a control paper to help reinforce experimental design) plus teacher's manual and reproducible student guide.

ABO-Rh Blood Typing with Synthetic Blood


The ability to type blood is an invaluable tool in the fields of medicine and criminology. Using this kit, students test 4 synthetic blood samples to identify their ABO and Rh blood types. The simulated agglutination reactions are extremely realistic.

Typing with Synthetic Blood Kit includes

  • Synthetic anti-A Serum
  • Synthetic Anti-B serum
  • Synthetic anti-Rh serum
  • synthetic blood
  • blood typing slides
  • mixing sticks
  • instructions