Let op de levertijd van de artikelen op deze pagina, de meeste kits zijn nieuw en worden bij de fabrikant besteld.

Deluxe Black Magnetic Powder Kit

Keep your fingerprinting supplies organized and ready for action at a moment’s notice. This kit contains two jars of magnetic powder, a bubble-base applicator, a roll of lifting tape, fifty white backing cards, and an orange carrying case with custom foam inserts.

MicroBlue Light Source

This cost-effective alternate light source illuminates body fluids, fluorescent-powdered fingerprints, and trace evidence. The amber shield allows you to observe, collect, and photograph evidence that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included).

Orange Viewing Goggles

Proper eye protection is essential when using forensic light sources or fingerprint powder. View fluorescing evidence without exposure to UV rays—these goggles completely wrap around and fit over prescription glasses.

Fingerprint Kit

Professional kit contains all materials needed to teach FBI fingerprint searching techniques. Get hands-on experience in fingerprint detection. With instructions and carrying case. 

Kit includes:
Black Print Powder
Fingerprint Brush
Print Backing Sheets

Fingerprint Kit in a Can

This kit is loaded with the latest in fluorescent fingerprint technology. Kit includes:
  • MicroBlue Light Source
  • 2 Bottles PowderJet (no waste, no-mess fingerprint powder)
  • 2 Fiber Duster Brushes (flying filament-free brushes)
  • 24 Fingerprint Lifters (2 × 2, clear)
  • 12 Fingerprint Lifters (2 × 4, clear)

One Bite Out of Crime Forensics Kit

All humans are born with the same number and type of teeth, but everyone has a unique dental pattern. One Bite Out of Crime equips students with the skills that have helped forensic odontologists assess bite marks, identify individuals in mass disasters, and ID remains.Using the information provided, students make a cast of their own upper jaw, learn to identify teeth placement, make dental charts, learn the metric analysis of a bite mark, and match dental charts to identify a body.Kit includes enough materials for 24 students working in groups of 4, as well as teacher, student, and assessment manuals.

Crime Scene bundle

  • Magnetic Fingerprint Powder
  • Magnetic Fingerprint Powder Applicator
  • Crime Scene Tape with Dispenser
  • Crime Scene Evidence Marker
  • and Chain of Custody Evidence Envelopes

Master Forensics Kit

Give your students a complete CSI experience with the Master Forensics Kit. Students will merge knowledge from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to conduct a detailed criminal investigation.This comprehensive kit introduces students to fingerprint analysis, hair analysis, soil analysis, ink analysis, document analysis, and drug and poisoning analysis.Includes enough materials for 24 students (working in groups of 6), instructor’s manuals, and student manuals.

Forensic Activities Kit

Designed as a convenient material supplement to Deslich and Funkhouser's Top Shelf Forensics, this kit highlights and supports 10 of the book's most engaging multidisciplinary activities. The kit includes the Top Shelf Forensics book and the most difficult-to-find supplies required to conduct the highlighted activities, plus 18 additional laboratory components. A manual with instructions and spreadsheets is included. Emphasized forensic activities include:• Microscopic hair analysis• Comparison of animal and human hair• Fabric analyses• Synthetic blood tests• Soil investigations

Personal Identification Kit

The Personal Identification Kit includes:
  • Sterile Foam-Tipped Buccal Swab
  • Inked Fingerprinting Pad
  • Fingerprint Recording Sheet
  • Personal Information Sheet
  • Family Identification Kit includes:
  • 4 Sterile Foam-Tipped Buccal Swabs
  • Inked Fingerprinting Pad
  • 4 Fingerprint Recording Sheets
  • 4 Personal Information Sheets