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12 Days of crystal science

his comprehensive kit includes ingredients and instructions for performing 12 captivating crystal science experiments• Grow colorful crystals• 12 unique crystal science experiments• Over 40 ingredients included to complete each experiment & instructions

Glow in the dark crystal growing kit

Grow dozens of beautiful crystals that glow in the dark with this luminous science kit! Experiment with dyes and glowing pigments, grow crystals rapidly and slowly, learn about the chemistry and geometry of crystallization, and check out your fluorescent crystal creations using the included ultraviolet flashlight. Mold fun plaster shapes, including moons, stars, butterflies, neon signs, mushrooms, frogs, and gemstones, and then grow layers of crystals on them. Use dye tablets together with the glowing pigments to experiment with different color combinations and mix the dyes to grow a rainbow of custom colored crystals.

12 Days of science

Each test tube contains step-by-step instructions and materials for conducting experiments like making instant snow and an underwater eruption. Counting down is both fun and educational with this set of mini experiments.• Includes 12 mini test tube experiments with ingredients and instructions, and test tube holder

Clean Water Science Kit

Learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water by conducting interesting experiments. You will be able to build your own water filtration and desalination plant at your table top, disinfect water with solar power, and more! This kit contains great experiments that teach children and teachers alike the importance of cleaning and reusing water. Great for classroom activities or science projects.


  • Kit allows you to conduct experiments on water purification (e.g. disinfect water with solar power, build a desalination plant, and more)
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual and fun facts

Caffeine Extraction from tea kit


Learn the fundamentals of liquid-liquid extraction in a fun and engaging way. Extract caffeine from tea, calculate the efficiency of the extraction and compare the concentration of caffeine in tea with the concentration of caffeine in a variety of beverages. Materials are sufficient for 30 students .

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Newton's Antics

Explore the science of force and motion as you amaze your friends with more than a dozen science tricks that will have them saying, how did you do that? The secret science behind each activity rests on the discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton. This guy would have been a blast of any party! Make it nut fall into a bottle, balance six nails on the head of one male, learn about rattlebacks and how they work and much more.

Kit includes: balloons, yellow ring, hex nuts, plastic bottle, washers, ball bearings and marbles, chenille stem, popsicle stick, salt, nails, block of wood, torque machine, rattleback, printed cards, instructions and storage back.

Exploring Electrophoresis of Dyes Kit

Separate mixtures of colorful dyes and identify the components by comparing them to standards. Effectively demonstrates the principles of electrophoresis. Gels can be run in 35 minutes with five 9-V batteries or in 50 minutes with 3 batteries. Contains instructions, one set of apparatus, and sufficient supplies for 3 demonstrations. Kit includes:
  • Agarose Powder and TBE Buffer
  • Carbon-Fiber Electrodes
  • Pipet Tips and Dye Samples. Distilled or deionized water and batteries are needed but not included.

Mystical Tree

Plant your own chemical tree garden and see complete results in only 6 hours. The process is easy: Place the paper cutout in the tray of colorless, crystal solution and watch colorful leaves appear on the branches. It's a dramatic example of chemical change.

Mysterious world of crystals

Grow large crystals using a new, innovative method of crystal growing. Create a real crystal world with individual crystals, a crystal chain and other exciting experiments.

Crystal science kit

Laat kristallen groeien

With this high-quality crystal-growing kit you will conduct chemical experiments to grow your own Aquamarine crystal, glow-in-the-dark Quartz Cluster, and a Crystal Snow Tree.  Learn the science behind the dazzling creations and see how crystals form from certain solutions.  Display them in a collection and show them to your friends!


  • Grow three spectacular different crystals - aquarmarine, crystal snow tree, glow-in-the-dark
  • Display stands
  • Detailed instructions

Growing rock crystals


Explore and discover the growth of Aragonite crystals with this experiment kit that is sure to amaze your budding Geologist!

Aragonite is a common crystal form of calcium carbonate formed from biological processes, including precipitation from marine and freshwater environments.  It can form on mollusk shells (some mollusks have shells composed entirely of aragonite!), as well as in caves, such as Carlsbad Caverns, where it takes the form of stalactites.

However, you can create this crystalline formation easily at home with this interactive kit!  Simply add vinegar to the cavities in the supplied container and observe the crystals as they grow! Comes complete with instructions, alternate experiments, and study questions with answers.


  • Grow a beautiful aragonite crystal from the comfort of your own home!
  • Contains everything you need (except the vinegar) to grow your own crystals
  • Simply add vinegar to the cavities in the specialized container and watch them grow
  • Includes instructions, alternate experiments, and study questions with answers

Groei eetbare kristallen


This experiment kit includes everything you need to grow clear, pristine pure sucrose crystals you can eat.

Watch rock candy crystals grow to full size in 7 days!


  • Pure sucrose for growing clear and edible crystals
  • Five seeded sticks
  • Growing vessel and lid
  • Educational study guide and experiment instructions

Mini crystal making kit


This kit includes everything you need to grow your own beautiful crystal in three easy steps. Once fully grown, you can display it on an included pedestal.

Kit contents:

  • Crystal powder bag
  • Two granite base rocks
  • Mixing stick
  • Display pedestal
  • Instructions

Please note that these come in both green and blue colors, depending on our current stock.

Introduction to Biochemistry Kit

Kemtec®. Includes qualitative tests for sugar (glucose), starch, protein, and lipids; digestion of protein with pepsin; examination of the enzyme activity of salivary amylase; semi-quantitative test for ascorbic acid; and measurements of the pH of foods. Materials are sufficient for 24 students working in 4 groups of 6 students.

Introduction to Qualitative Analysis of Carbohydrates

Kemtec®. Students practice their analytical skills as they perform tests to classify carbohydrates. Tests include anthrone test for carbohydrates, iodine test for starches, Benedict’s test for reducing carbohydrates, Barfoed’s test for reducing monosaccharides, Seliwanoff’s test for ketoses, and Bial’s test for pentoses. Requires the use of the following reagents which are not included in the kit: concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, and 3M hydrochloric acid. Materials are sufficient for 24 students working in 6 groups of 4.

pH Power

Use this amazing indicator to test the pH of your favorite foods. Match your test results with the colors on the pH chart to determine if it's an acid or a base. Make your own pH indicator and do the bloody handprint trick for your friends.

Kit includes: giant test tube rack, five giant test tubes, baking soda, citric acid, pH chart,colored paper, pH indicator powder, measuring cup, scoop, pipettes, safety goggles, instructions and storage bag.

Glow Chemistry

Set up your own glow-in-the-dark lab as you make a batch of glowing Slime, Insta-Worms and turn long polymers into liquid light!. Illuminate your Worms and Slime with the pen that is included. Write a secret glow-in-the-dark message. 15 activities

Power House

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The kit contains: foam house and plastic greenhouse parts • frame • base • wood glue • solar panel • compass • wire • LED (light emitting diode) • battery holder • small light bulb and holder • solar motor • magnifying glass • propellers, iron core • ring magnet • thermometer • test tube holder • measuring beaker • sand paper • copper foil • zinc plate • wire mesh • many small parts such as paper clips • screws • clips • lead sinker • washers • wing nuts • iron powder • wires • tubing • rubber bands • yarn • wooden components • cutouts for devices • and four color, illustrated 96 page Experiment Manual with 70 experiments and 20 building activities.