Alle op deze pagina getoonde slide-kits hebben een levertijd

Vissenziekte identificatie kit

Fish disease identification kit, containing slides, coverslips, stains, mountants and all the items needed to make skin scapes and gill swabs. Easy to follow instructions.

Gram Stain Kit voor Bacterien

Contains all stains, reagents and full instructions needed to stain and identify bacteria by the Gram method 

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Microscopic Forensics Kit

Go through forensic "training" by observing labeled slides of materials typically found by forensic investigators at a crime scene, including hair, blood, and textiles. After studying the known slides, you are presented with a mock murder mystery and "evidence" found at the crime scene. Then examine the evidence, compare it to the testimonies of the suspects, and pinpoint the culprit. Kit includes a forensic slide set with accompanying descriptive text, mystery story, evidence, and instructions. 

Plant Anatomy Identification set

Become "plant detective" while learning about basic plant structure. Study slides of different plant parts (roots, stems, leaves, and flowers) and use the knowledge gained to identify the part represented on a "mystery" slide. These sets include 5 reference slides, mystery slide, and teacher's manual with student guide.

Introduction to Slidemaking Kit


Enough materials for 30 students. Learn to make simple, permanent slides and observe shapes, structures, and textures. Includes samples of cork, foam, dust, colored thread, letter "e," and salt crystals.

This Old Bone Lab Activity

Determine Age from Osteon Counts
Perform an actual technique used by forensic anthropologists to determine the age of an individual at their time of death. Gain valuable microscopy and anatomy skills in this activity as you learn to count, measure, and analyze the Haversian systems in bone using a compound microscope with an ocular micrometer (not included). Includes a stage micrometer, six prepared microscope slides of ground human bone, a teacher’s guide, and student copymasters.

Fun with Your Microscope Kit

See how everyday items appear strange, yet fascinating under a microscope. Kit includes the book The World of the Microscope, specimens, and other materials for performing several exercises from the book. Includes enough material to make over 100 microscope slides. Including a Wolfe Cadet Student Microscope.

Kosmos, Das große Forscher Mikroskop



  • Leistungsstarkes und hochwertiges Mikroskop in Laborqualität mit bis zu 400facher Vergrößerung
  • Mit elektrischer Durchlicht- und Auflichtbeleuchtung
  • ermöglicht auch das Betrachten von Pflanzen, Tieren, Mineralien, Briefmarken, Münzen usw. in Makro-Ansicht
  • mit 4 vorbereiteten Präparaten und umfassendem Präparierzubehör
Mit diesem KOSMOS-Qualitätsmikroskop können junge Forscherinnen und Forscher die Mikrowelten selbstständig erkunden. Nicht nur „klassische“ mikroskopische Präparate wie das Zwiebelhäutchen oder Kleinlebewesen aus dem Heuaufguss können im Durchlicht betrachtet werden. Auch flache Objekte aus Natur und Alltag (z.B. Blätter, Blüten, Insekten, flache Steine, Münzen, Briefmarken usw.) können im Auflicht mit Makro-Vergrößerung betrachtet werden. Die hohe Qualität der optischen und mechanischen Teile garantiert Freude und Zufriedenheit bei spannenden Untersuchungen in der Welt der kleinsten Dinge. Umfangreiches Zubehör zur Präparation und eine ausführliche Anleitung mit vielen praktischen Tipps begleiten die Naturforscherinnen und -forscher dabei.

Structure and Function of Mitochondria Kit

Using live (very fresh) celery, you observe mitochondria microscopically, both as cytoplasmic particles and as centers of enzyme activity.

Prepare your own celery slides which you stain using Janus green B stain, which acts as a hydrogen acceptor.

This allows you to "observe" mitochondria oxidizing food mainly by the removal of hydrogen, which is indicated by the stain's gradual loss of color. This lab requires a microscope (not included).

Includes: 3 drop controlled btls. each sucrose solution, Janus green B stain, and sodium bisulfate solution; 30 microscope slides, 30 cover slips; 30 single edged razor blades; 1 pkg. absorbent paper; 1 pkg. plastic toothpicks; 30 student worksheets and guides; 1 instruction manual with MSDS.

Digikit, complete

Complete all experiments in our exclusive manual of DigiSkope experiments with these convenient collection of specimens, supplies, and general materials. The kit features many experiments including the observation of sea monkeys, creating crystals, comparing fabrics, the beauty of mold, owl pellet dissection, observing pond life, forensics and more. Manual included.

BMS Starterkit


bestaande uit:

  • 5 preparaten, 5 objectglaasjes, dekglaasjes
  • pincet, flesje rode kleurstof, flesje blauwe kleurstof
  • plastic druppelpipet, ca. 50 vellen lenspapier
  • naald, kleine reageerbuis, wattenstaaf, houten staaf

Microslide viewer


Met deze viewer kan men Microslides bekijken, een prima alternatief voor een microscoop, perfecte foto's op een 35mm film strip. Geen verlichting nodig. Met afstelknop voor een scherpe focus.

Filmstrips apart bestellen


Voor de microslide viewer
Elke set bestaat uit een 35mm filmstrip met acht verschillende afbeeldingen van gekleurde preparaten.De strips zitten in een folder met beschrijving van elke afbeelding. De foto's zijn niet van echte preparaten te onderscheiden.  Meer onderwerpen beschikbaar, mail voor een lijst.