Geologie, Mineralogie

Prijzen zijn voor zover mogelijk up to date, het kan echter voorkomen dat de fabrikant een prijswijziging heeft doorgevoerd.
Levertjd voor de meeste artikelen is vanaf een week. Ook leverbaar: de gehele mineralogie en fossielen collectie van Wards Scientific

Advanced Fossil Collection

Consists of 30 fossils representing animal phyla and plants. From the Cambrian to the Cretaceous Periods. Specimens are number coded with key. In compartmented container.

Boek Mineralbestimmung

Mineralbestimmung durch einfache chemische und physikalische Methoden
Mit diesem Buch wird Mineraliensammlern und mineralogisch Interessierten ein Werkzeug in die Hand gegeben, wie sie mit einfachen Mitteln und ohne große Kenntnisse in Chemie und Physik hilfreiche Informationen über unbekannte Mineralien erhalten – gewissermaßen ein „Kochbuch zur Mineralienbestimmung für chemische Laien“.
Vor allem wird auch die Freude am eigenen Experimentieren und Analysieren vermittelt, das triumphierende Gefühl, vielleicht ein seltenes Mineral oder Element selbst bestimmt zu haben.
Das Werk gibt jetzt vielen die Möglichkeit, sich mit dieser interessanten Materie zu beschäftigen.
Der Autor hat eine geeignete und praktikable Auswahl aus der fast unbegrenzten Zahl an chemischen und physikalischen Methoden zur Mineralbestimmung getroffen – die Besten davon hat er ausgesucht und in diesem Buch zusammengestellt!

Break-Your-Own Geodes Kit

Includes booklet that gets you started in the wonderful world of rocks, minerals and crystals.Geodes are found in many parts of the world. The geodes contained in this set are from Mexico; 90% of them have hollow centers lined with crystals. Break open yours and look for the hidden crystals!Put the geode in a bag or sock. Hit it firmly with a hammer, aiming for the center - safety glasses and adult supervision are recommended.

Crystal-Growing Kit, Deluxe

Grow 13 exciting, sparkling crystal specimens made up of single, cluster, and crystal caves (geodes). Grow specimens with a diameter ranging from 5 to 20cm. The sparkling crystals include amber, emerald, quartz, and ruby. Kit also includes crystal-growing chemicals, casting plaster, geode mold, crystal-growing vessels, various accessories, and a 48-page, full-color instruction booklet about the art and science of crystal growing.

Earth Science Collection

A basic, introductory unit of 75 rocks and minerals that demonstrate the major rock-forming minerals; minerals in the scale of hardness; the physical properties as shown by streak, luster, cleavage, and fracture; and specific gravity. Includes sections of ores of metals and nonmetals and igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Specimens are number coded and keyed to a list. Includes streak plate, magnet, magnifier, and Rocks and Minerals study guide.

Fossil Hunt Kit


Like the paleontology pros, you hunt for and identify buried fossils. Kit contains 450 grams of gravel mixture with 12 real fossils (2 each of 6 different types) and corresponding large identified specimens, magnifier, forceps, storage box, and guide.


Exciting, thought-provoking, and fun-filled activities for studying the earth and the life forms of the past. You will be challenged through the creation of your own fossil replicas of extinct creatures, and then through research contemplate their prehistoric past and significance. The kits consists of an ammonite, a crinoid, a trilobite, a cave bear tooth, a shark tooth and a dinosaur claw. Include Gypsum Cement (PerfectCast™) for making the replicas, lesson plans, and complete instructions on how to cast the fossil replicas. 

Garmin GPS 73

The GPS 73 is a low-cost solution for land or marine navigation, providing precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). With a large 4-level, gray-scale screen, the handheld device is easy to use, rugged, and waterproof, plus it floats. Meets The GLOBE® Program specifications.

Gemstone Bucket

Contains 2kg's of gemstones, rocks, and minerals found in western North Carolina. Includes emerald, ruby, rutilated quartz, beryl, plus 15 other rocks and minerals. Contents can be washed in a screen shaker.

Hardness Scale Minerals Collection

This collection of 10 minerals represents the scale of hardness #1 through #10. The 1" specimens are number coded and keyed to a list. The collection is stored in a compartmented container. This collection is also available

Introduction to Minerals Study Kit

Learn to identify 15 common minerals by observing and testing their physical properties. Activity guide, magnifying glass, streak plate, and nail are included.

Introduction to Rocks Study Kit

A great kit for studying the basic rock types. Includes 5 each of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks; an activity guide; and a magnifying glass.

Lortone Combinatie zaag-, slijp- en polijstmachine LU6X

Universele combi-machine voor het zagen, voorslijpen, fijnslijpen en polijsten van stenen.Door middel van de 2-traps pulley zijn er twee verschillende toerentallen beschikbaar: Eén voor het slijpen en zagen en één voor het polijsten.Bij deze complete machine worden standaard de volgende benodigdheden meegeleverd:- Metalen basis- As, pulley's en flenzen- Heldere kunststof beschermkap- Motor 220 Volt/ 250 Watt, Motorsteun- V-snaar- Kraantje en slang t.b.v. watervoorziening- Stenenklem en Geleiding- Diamantzaagblad Ø 150 mm. (87150)- Slijpwiel SC Ø 150 mm. K-100- S.M. Expander Ø 150 mm.voor slijpbanden- Slijpbanden SC Ø 150 mm. 3 stuks- Polijstband (kurk)- Vlakke vertikale kop- Viltblad, Leerblad, Kurkblad voor kop- DiscCement- Polijstpoeder
- Zaagolie
- Sjablonen, krasstiften
- Dopkit en stokjes

Luster Minerals Collection

A set of 15 specimens illustrating the kind and degree of luster. Divided into metallic and nonmetallic groups. Specimens are number coded and keyed to a list. In compartmented container.

Mineral Exploration Kit

Introduce yourself to the basic techniques of mineral identification. Learn to identify 12 common minerals by observing and testing their physical properties. Each kit contains a bag of mineral chips in gravel, forceps, streak plate, magnet, and a magnifier. Three rock samples demonstrate how rocks are composed of small mineral chips. Guide and storage box are included.

Rock Detective Bucket Kit

The concept behind the Rock Detective Kits is simple: students learn best what they discover for themselves. The instructor provides rocks, fossils, and minerals along with mystery questions pertaining to each sample. The Bucket Kit contains everything needed for a class of 30 students. It consists of 25 mysteries and contains 40 to 50 samples of rocks, minerals, and fossils. This kit also comes with a teacher notebook and helpful techniques for teaching dozens of earth science concepts. The kit also includes accessories such as magnifying glasses, magnets, streak plates, and a handy storage bucket.

Rock of Ages


In this geology kit, kids will smooth and polish several rocks - ancient coral and ancient amber. They will make their own amber and will learn about fossils, make a fossil and then excavate it just like scientists do. Make the fossils into gems for your collection.

Streak Minerals Collection

Contains 8 of the most highly colored minerals. Includes a streak plate. Specimens are number coded and keyed to a list. In compartmented container

Streak plate

Unglazed porcelain tiles for streak (color) testing of minerals. Available in white or black, so that the minerals, which streak very light colors, can be easily identified. Package of 10 plates.

Testkit mineralen


identification of minerals may be made from examining their physical properties by inspection or performing simple tests on the mineral. This kit supplies the tools necessary for practicing rock and mineral identification. The test kit includes 2 streak plates, glass plate, hand lens, dropper bottle, magnet, nail, and hardness scale. Comes in a zip-lock pouch for easy storage and portability.