Human Full-Term Pregnancy Model

Altay®. Life size. Half pelvis with full-term fetus in utero. Uterine wall with placenta and umbilicus well represented. Mounted on a reinforced polymer base. Size (without base), 32 × 31 × 21 cm.

Human Male and Female Torso

Life size. Dissectible into 28 parts. With detached head and interchangeable genital organs: male (4 parts) and female (2 parts plus a 3-month embryo). The eye with the optic nerve and a half brain (4 parts) are removable. The chest plate (female) shows the breast on the right and a dissection of the mammary glands on the left. Lungs (frontal portions), heart (2 parts), liver, stomach (2 parts), large and small intestine (4 parts), and one kidney (frontal portion) can be removed. The back is dissected to show the spinal cord and its relationship to the brain and the vertebrae. The 7th thoracic vertebra can be removed. Size, 38 × 25 × 87 cm H. On base.

Menselijke schedel, replica

Replica. Ideal for anatomy and health science lessons, our inexpensive life-size skull features a spring-hinged lower jaw to demonstrate natural movement with one removable bicuspid, incisor, and molar. The calvarium is also removable for study of the skull’s interior.

Domestic Dog Skull, Plastic

Plastic. Mandibles are loose. Skulls are cast from mature dogs for outstanding detail and anatomical accuracy. These skulls are great for student handling. If soiled, they can be washed in a mild soap-and-water solution