Owl Puke

Uilenballen kit, Engelse handleiding !

Owl pellets are masses of bones, teeth, scales and insect skeletons produced and regurgitated by owls, hawks, eagles and other raptors which swallow their prey whole or in large pieces. This kit contains two pellets from the barn owl and comes with a magnifying glass, wood dissection probe and work mat with a bone sorting chart.

Reconstruct real skeletons from mice, shrew, moles and other small animal. All pellets are completely heat sterilized for safety.

Kit contains:

  • Two actual heat sterilized puke pellets
  • Magnifying glass
  • Wood dissection probe
  • Work mat with bone sorting chart

With this delightful kit, you can make fun challenges to measure your pets’ physical and mental skills.  You’ll have a lot of fun, and so will your pets!  Be amazed as you and your pet explore the Alligator Road Challenge, the Marble Race, the Flip Jar Tower Maze, the Spring Surprise, and the Triple Brain Buster!

Make your own custom toy mouse!  Bake some homemade kitty cookies with the included kitty cookie cutters!  Even design your own amazing tricks using the prestigious and (feline)world-renowned Cat College Activity Centre.  The full color instructions even include recipes for delicious training treats like Mouse-Free Mouseburgers and much much more.

Spend some quality time bonding and playing with your pet as both of you learn important scientific concepts and skills!


  • Memory tricks, problem solving, fine motor skills for your kitty
  • Build cat toys and intelligence tests
  • Kitty cookie cutters and various recipes
  • Detailed, full-color, 11-page instruction booklet
  • Learn alongside your cat!

Jazzmix Drosophila voeding

Simply add water—conveniently packaged as a complete and quick-to-prepare mixture.
  • Consists of brown sugar, corn meal, yeast, agar, benzoic acid, methyl paraben and propionic acid

Young Entomologist Field Pack

The Young Entomologist Field Pack includes everything you need to collect, observe, and identify ladybugs, butterflies, crickets, beetles, and other bugs. Even the youngest entomologist can identify the insects collected, using the included Peterson First Guide to Insects.

Pack includes: Back Pack
  • 4 Specimen Bags, Back Pack
  • 4 Bug Magnifiers
  • Butterfly Net, 4 Forceps
  • 4 Sticky Slides
  • Peterson First Guide to Insects