Optica & Licht

Mini UV lamp


A 15cm handheld black light fixture with flashlight. Checking hand stamps, finding pet stains, checking for bacteria, applying black light sensitive cosmetics, searching for antique glass, and our personal favorite... hunting for scorpions at night in the desert are just a few of the uses we’ve heard about for this product. Very popular, and great for a science fair project or for classroom demonstrations!


  • 15cm in length
  • Emits a fun UV blacklight
  • Check hand stamps, find pet stains, turn white cloth bright purple, and more!
  • Requires 4 AA batteries. Batteries not included.

Shinco lens set

met 6 verschillende lenzen

Mirage, toestel optisch bedrog

Twee parabolische spiegels waarvan 1 met gat bezorgen de toeschouwer de bijna perfect illusie dat bv een muntstuk op de bovenste spiegel zou liggen.

Now you see it

Using this amazing device you can make any small object seem to appear out of thin air. You think it's there, but it's not! Through the magic of mirrors and reflection, you can create a ghost-like image that seems to hover in the air, yet no one can pick it up.

Spectrum Analysis Power Supply

Houder voor spectraalbuizen met een diameter van 6 mm. De onderste houder is verend opgehangen en klemt de gasontladingslamp vast.Geschikt voor buizen met een lengte tussen 224 tot 299 mm en een maximum diameter van 16 mm. Zelfregulerende spanning tot 6 kV. Stroomsterkte is instelbaar van 2 tot 8 mA.Afmetingen: 78 x 78 x 290 mm.

Spectrum Analysis Tubes

These tubes are ideal for studying the spectra of better known gases in their pure form and for wavelength determination. An electrode is sealed in each end and attached to a metal end cap with a loop for convenient hookup to wire connections. Spectrum tube assemblies can be used in a variety of spectroscopic applications. When observed through a spectroscope the emission lines corresponding to the energy transition levels of the gaseous atoms or molecules will appear as distinct components.These research grade tubes are specially designed to provide optimum intensity and line resolution. Recommended for use with our Spectrum Tube Power Supply.