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Diaserie Menselijk skelet en spieren


Kosmos, Hoe poets ik mijn tanden?

Morgens, mittags, abends, Zähneputzen nicht vergessen. Jedes Kind kennt dies. Aber warum muss man überhaupt die Zähne putzen? Und wie sieht so ein Gebiss überhaupt aus? Und aus was besteht ein Zahn?

DNA Model kit

For building a simplified representation of a short segment of double-stranded DNA. All pieces are plastic and identified by color. Completed model is in the shape of a double helix about 25 cm H containing 6 paired nucleotides.

Molymod DNA Model

Teach the primary and secondary structure of DNA with this durable, attractive model.

Colorful pieces reveal the polymeric nature of DNA, including base pairs, phosphate ester linkages, and ribose units. Adenine and thymine bases are attached by 2 pegs to model their 2 hydrogen bonds and 3 pegs link cytosine and guanine base pairs.

Model even shows major and minor grooves.

Molymod Molecular Model Set

Suitable for introductory chemistry in high school or college. Features durable Molymod® components. This set enables students to construct skeletal or space-filling models for organic and inorganic chemistry.

Molymod Organic/Inorganic Molecular Model Set

These versatile molecular model set contains plastic atoms and bonds designed to make skeletal models of elementary organic and inorganic structures. Packed in a plastic case with instruction sheet.
Carbon (Black) (20)
Atom sp3 (beige)
Halogen (green) (8)
Atom dsp3 (beige)
Hydrogen (White) (14)
Atom d2sp3 (beige)
Lone Pair Electron Clouds (6)
Medium Links (gray) (38)
Metal (gray) (14)
Medium Links (purple) (12)
Nitrogen (blue) (10)
Long Flexible Links (gray) (36)
Oxygen (red) (22)
Unhybridized P-Orbital (pink) (6)
Phosphorous (purple) (7)
Unhybridized P-Orbital (purple) (6)
Sulfur (yellow) (13)
Boron (beige) (1)

Molymod Organic Molecular Model Set

Designed to make skeletal and semi-space filling modelsof alkanes, hydrocarbon derivatives, and other compounds taught in an introductory organic course. With instructions.

Orbit Molecular Building System

Construct almost any organic, inorganic, biochemical, or crystal structure with the 1,300 atom centers and 1,400 bonds in this comprehensive set. Hole-and-prong atom centers guarantee accurate bond angles. Create nearly perfect models by cutting bonds to proportion using included atomic radii data. Includes durable storage box and comprehensive instruction booklet