iSi Explore New Taste Cookbook - iSi Whip recipes

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The iSi Explore New Taste cookbook is an excellent book with recipes utilizing the iSi Whip from 34 inspiring chefs, 3 mixologists and 1 barista from 18 countries. Join us in discovering a wide range of culinary delights around the world as we embark upon´a journey through regional specialties and culinary creations.

Inspiring Chefs, Mixologists and Baristas from all over the world have collaborated with iSi to share their most inspiring ideas with us. This limited-edition cook book is a collection of their finest recipes.

Every day, chefs use iSi products to inspire new dishes. As you read through the recipes in this book, unlock your own culinary inspirations! We‘ve made it simple for you to discover iSi around the world in one memorable collection.