Soda Pop Science

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A Tasty Chemistry Kit - Invent Your Own Top Secret Soda Formula
Enjoy the "science of soda" as you make your own and discover the fascinating facts of flavors and fizz. Have fun while you Invent your own secret soda formulas, create some fizz, experiment with flavors and colors, conduct taste tests, and make wild, fizzy drinks for your friends.
Delve into the effervescent scientific mysteries of soda pop: Where does the fizz come from? How much sugar is in soda? What’s the formula for cola? Complete with simple ingredients and clear instructions, the Soda Pop Science Kit provides hours of flavorful, educational fun.
With this kit, young soda pop scientists can:
•make wild fizzy drinks
•invent secret soda formulas
•make soda fizz
•conduct taste tests and market research
•launch marketing campaigns for new soda creations
•The Soda Pop Science Kit comes with Citric acid, flavoring, baking soda, a measuring scoop, cups, and full instructions with Lab Sheets. Perfect for science fairs, birthday parties and family fun!