Forensic Science Today

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Dr. Henry Lee, George Taft, and Kimberly Taylor. 2006. 242 pages. The textbook and instructor's companion CD-ROM cover many of the diverse aspects of forensic science. Written by the world's most prominent forensic scientists and experts, Forensic Science Today provides an excellent tool for students to explore the fascinating world of forensic science and an invaluable resource for instructors. This outstanding instructional series has 2 components. The first is an introductory textbook that provides a comprehensive view of the many careers in forensic science and introduces the types of evidence and how they are collected and used in real-world situations. The second component is an instructor's companion CD-ROM filled with worksheets, PowerPoint® presentations, lab activities, classroom projects, and other useful resources for enhancing the classroom environment and reinforcing student learning. Textbook is soft cover. The CD-ROM is Macintosh®/Windows® compatible; Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® are required